The Team

Group Leader

Prof. Dr. Vitor B. Pinheiro

After a PhD in Bacterial pathogenesis at University of Cambridge with Prof. David Ellar, I did 7 years of post-doctoral work at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge with Dr. Phil Holliger. I have started my independent research career at UCL and Birkbeck in 2013 and moved to KU Leuven in September 2018.

Post-doctoral researchers

Dr. Xiaoping Song

XNA aptamers

Doctoral students

Ms. Yan Kay Ho

Genetic code engineering

Mr. Hugo Villanueva

New biotechnology tools in collaboration with Dr. Renos Savva

Ms. Paola Handal

XNA polymerases

Mr. Shamal Withanage

New antimicrobials

Mr. Santiago Chaillou

XNA polymerases

Mr. Donaat Kestemont

XNA ligases in collaboration with Prof. Jef Rozenski

Research Assistants

Master and undergraduate students

Ms. Federica Mare

Starting in Sep. 19

Ms. Amber Lesage

Starting in Sep. 19